Less Is More – Minimalist Design Concepts and Ideas

The minimalist style is widely used in UI, web, graphic, brand, industrial design, and other fields. This art genre is enduring, and can even become the mainstream design trend today. Today I will take you to understand.

Features of minimalism

1. Large area blank

Blank space (also called negative space) is an essential part of minimalism. Blank space is not necessarily white, it contains any space that is the same as the background. The use of white space in the minimalist design can balance the layout, highlight the function and characteristics of the product, and make the user focus on the product itself.

burberry - UI Freebies
Image source by Burberry
Lobo - UI Freebies
Image source by Lobo

2. Grid system

In minimalist design, the grid system plays an important role in content and layout. It can display its functions and modules in an orderly manner, making the design more logical and regular, and helping users form good reading habits. In addition, the grid system makes it easier to build web pages.

Mondrian - UI Freebies
Image source by Stugbear
Raven Keynote Presentation Template - UI Freebies
Image source by Etsy

3. Simple color matching

Color is an important hub connecting users and products. Limiting color matching can enhance the visual layering. Restricting color matching is not to use monochrome, you can choose black and white, monochrome, gradient or multi-color with lower saturation, the color should not only catch the eye, but also enhance the vitality of the page (1-3 colors are the best) many big names The design uses black and white with a strong color tone, and the auxiliary color is used as a brightening color, which will give people a clean visual experience.

fire - UI Freebies
Image source by Avtø

4. Geometry elements

Geometric design elements are used in minimalist design, which also makes the interface more graphic. As shown below: Abandon the thick and complicated decoration effect, more is the existence of technique and style, it includes layout, composition, color, contrast, and a set of design language.

ab7de2390f17b9a598e6a57bf1d48742 - UI Freebies
Image source by Akufen Studio

5. Simple font

The font in the minimalist style is an important element that shapes the experience and conveys emotions. Choose an easy-to-read font, the font-weight, spacing, and line-height of the font are controlled within a reasonable range, which can ensure that users can quickly glance. The IKEA Logo has a higher oval shape, which allows more space for the text to become larger. The font is extremely eye-catching on a yellow background and more readable.

IKEA - UI Freebies
Image source by IKEA

The use of minimalism in the UI

No dividing line is one of the characteristics of the minimalist style. The dividing line is mainly to help users distinguish the content of different levels and dimensions in the interface and complete the construction of the information level. Less use of dividing lines can make the interface more concise, clear and practical.

Dropbox Redesign Concept - UI Freebies
Image source by Aurélien Salomon

The Google homepage is completely designed around its central search function. In addition to the brand, any unnecessary functions have been weakened. Instead, the brand and core functions are more prominent. And because the page is tidy enough; it won’t distract. Google’s minimalist philosophy is a good idea that can improve the user experience and promote interaction.

Google - UI Freebies
Image source by Google

Use in the brand

In the logo design, we often see such a simple style, using simple lines or graphics to form the entire Logo, creating a visual effect like a spring breeze, especially in luxury design, minimalism is a fashion vane.

celine new logo sq 1 - UI Freebies
Image source by Celine
dior logo - UI Freebies
Image source by Dior

 Application in industrial design

Minimalist style is no longer a thin vocabulary, but an object full of wisdom and creativity that is presented in front of our lives. The simple lines, humanized details, materials and shapes seek innovation, break through all possibilities, and interpret life as “simple but not simple”.

Tip up Car Design Sketch by Sangwon Seok 720x540 1 - UI Freebies
Image source by Carbodydesign

Points to note in minimalist design

1. Clear

Clear design goals, diversified visual elements (circles, squares, geometric figures, brand elements), rational organization, and refine key points.

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Image source by Rawpixel

2. Clever

The craftsmanship is ingenious, the concept is clever and the structure is reasonable. Very harmonious, ingenious in decoration and blank.

tumblr ooko7j8JvW1qduab0o1 1280 - UI Freebies
Image source by Letsgoto

3. Elegant

The style is fresh and elegant. Elegance is a kind of culture, that is, “book spirit”. Elegance is a realm of beauty. With “elegant” character. The embodiment of Ya in the work is concise in shape, simple in decoration, fresh and natural in style, without any prejudice.

fb53704984b3485c2617dda1340c16fd 1 - UI Freebies
Image source by Kotaro


The essence of minimalism is that it highlights the key, presents the most important things to users, and lets users focus on the most important things. It is essentially a way to return to the source, simplifying the interface and making it more functional and feasible. But back to the original intention of the design, all design is to serve the content, design makes the business easier, I hope that this article will give you some help today.

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